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from start to finish

It was a pleasure working with Jenny and Libby from Three Trees Learning Centre in Rolleston, Christchurch. It was clear at the concept stage that they had designed a beautiful building, whilst considering the environment that surrounds it, and definitely the supply of resources for their children. 

As a supplier of educational resources into the ECE sector, Curiate NZ ensures that the customer is a good fit for their brand, along with the consideration for a good working relationship. It was clear from the beginning that the thought behind the resourcing at Three Trees had been well planned and a good professional relationship had been established. During the communication, of the development of the resource order with Curiate NZ, Jenny and Libby were in regular conversation, ensuring that the resources were well considered and stayed true to their brand, along with the amazing environment that they were offering their children. 

Upon the finalising of the agreement to supply the resources, the process was seamless. At the time of delivery to the Three Trees Learning Centre, it was noted that the centre had not been completed (building consent status) to fully allow for the resources to be delivered. When dealing with most other new centres in the same position, the resources would be delayed and deferred, resulting in additional holding costs for both parties. However, with Jenny and Libby, they managed to problem solve this matter internally and the delivery went ahead as planned – a true credit to the management at Three Trees and the team they have established. 

I have enjoyed the working relationship that has been established with Jenny and Libby, and would have no reservations working with them again in the future.

~ Terry Worthington, Curiate NZ Sales & Marketing Manager 
and exceptional vision

It has been an absolute pleasure watching Three Trees evolve from an idea, to an absolutely outstanding business.

Market My Company are proud to have been involved from the very beginning, working with Jenny & Libby on concepts for the centre name and logo.

Their passion for providing quality was apparent from the get-go, and continues to be at the forefront of every decision they make.

With forward thinking, and some exceptional vision from Jenny & Libby, we have been able to work closely on the Marketing of the Three Trees Learning Centre to create a strong brand that is recognised both online and within the Rolleston community.

The future is bright for this gorgeous centre, and it's owners, and we are very privileged to be a part of the journey.

~ Fleur Truscott, Director Market My Company 
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