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Reading Recommendations from Three Trees Families

At Three Trees Learning Centre, we believe in the magic of reading – and that fostering a love of reading in young children is one of the most valuable gifts parents and educators can give! Reading not only enhances language skills but also stimulates imagination, critical thinking, and emotional growth. Plus, it’s FUN!


Cultivating a passion for reading early on can set the stage for lifelong learning and curiosity, which is why our centre has a wide range of books available – as well as a great array of book nooks and cosy snugs for tamariki to explore books in their own time.


We recently asked our community to let us know what books their children love right now via Facebook, and we got some great recommendations!


·       G loves 'Claris the Mouse' books... there's just something about being the chicest mouse in Paris! (It's all about the fashion). – Pamela Marshall


·       Harlyn is obsessed with the musical Old McDonald Had a Farm book from The Warehouse. It's how we learnt the word moo. – Jessica Lamar


·       Eli loves the very hungry caterpillar. – Reina-Mariè Thorpe


·       This week, Zog and the Highway Rat, both by Julia Donaldson have been favs. – Jenna Faulkner


·       Sadie loves Thelma the Unicorn or anything Peter Rabbit. – Sarah Brewer


·       Tony loves the Gruffalo book because he too is a cheeky mouse. Lily loves the "that's not my...." Series, even reading it away to herself and feeling all the textures. – Kimberley Ray


·       Currently "Jillian Jiggs" your room looks like it's been lived in by pigs. – Jess Austin


·       Peppa (pig) goes to Ireland. – Toni Neale


Reading is a big part of your child’s experience at Three Trees Learning Centre. Here are some simple tips to encourage a love of reading at home:


Create a Reading-Friendly Environment


Set up a comfortable and inviting space for reading with soft pillows, good lighting, and a selection of books. Keep books within easy reach of your child, allowing them to explore and choose what they want to read.


Read Together, Routinely


Establish a regular reading time each day, such as before bed or after meals, to make reading a natural part of your child’s routine. Spend time reading with your child, whether it's sharing a book aloud or reading side by side. This bonding time reinforces the joy of reading.


Be a Reading Role Model


Show YOU love of books! Let your child see you reading and enjoying books, and express excitement about your reading experiences. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.


Choose Engaging and Age-Appropriate Books


Select books that align with your child’s interests, whether it’s animals, adventure, fairy tales, or science. Books with interactive elements like flaps, textures, and sounds are perfect for keeping younger children engaged.


Visit the Library


Reading your child’s favourite books over and over again? Mis things up with regular trips to the local library – allowing your child to explore different books and participate in storytime sessions. It’s FREE!


Happy reading, everyone!





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